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 Pay as you go Wi-Fi Fast Internet connection at the right price

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Pay as you go Wi-Fi Hot Spot

WiFi HotSpot

At the moment our WiFi HotSpot Coverage is within Brighton & Hove  area.

For more details on our Project please contact us..


Pay as you go Wi-Fi Fast Internet connection at the right price


JUST POP IN  CAFE BAR and   (GET DELICIOUS FOOD,  BREAKFAST, TEA, COFFEE & CAKES, or fancy GLASS BEER/WINE ) and a GET FREE WiFi VOUCHER with Cyber Net HotSpot “YES” you can be connected to our  FREE Wi-Fi around Brighton and Hove. Just search on your mobile CYBER NET WiFi and ENTER your free VOUCHER’S LOGIN PASS CODE and you’re connected…..   Enjoy..!!

Pay as you go Wi-Fi     (Fast Internet connection at the right price)

It means anyone with a smart phone, tablet or laptop can get online for less penny in some of the most popular areas for tourism, shopping and leisure centres around Brighton & Hove.

More WiFi hotspots are to be added when completed, Max Cyber Net Wi-Fi covers areas in and around Brighton & Hove, main Brighton Train station, Shopping centre, Royal hospital, Marina area, and Tourists  area surrounding seafront, i360 and area of Hove beach.

CYBER NET Wi-fi app

Search for Cyber Net HotSpot Wi-fi in your devices app store.

Max Cyber Net HotSpot is one of Internet accesses with capability of transmit  long range WiFi hotspots for public, hotels, coffee shops, train stations, airports, homes and more. Our WiFi is Pay as you Go service - no bills. Easy-to-use and no contract. We have some free WiFi access in some of Cafe shops in town and surrounding shopping centres in the city

Below  an-example of our Interface connection and price plan options through your device screen appearance

Join our fast growing WiFi Internet HotSpot in the City